DEEP (Data Education and Exploration Project)



  • Pair up with a team & mentor with project interests
  • Get hands on experience with a dataset
  • Work on a cool project to show off!

Semester Outcomes

DEEP Report: 10/20

A report that surfaces interesting visualizations and / or answers interesting questions about your dataset. You'll have a chance to present this report on October 20 😀 🎉

DEEP Demo: 11/24

A demo that shows off some reproducible results using a pipeline developed over the course of the semester! This could be:

  • A predictive model
  • Interactive visualizations
  • Custom final demo idea


Date Description
09/29/19 Project Kick Off and Group Reveal
10/06/19 Workshop: Handling and Exploring Data in Python
10/20/19 Workshop: Mid-Semester Presentations + Survey of Modeling
11/03/19 Workshop: Model Evaluation
11/06/19 Academic Planning Session
11/17/19 Workshop: Communicating Results
11/24/19 Presentation & Dinner